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Spotlight on New York….

You’ve heard of Times Square, The Empire State & The Statue of Liberty. But are you ready to experience a true taste of New York? From bright lights to mouth-watering bites, prepare for a trip you’ll never forget…

The Culture 

From show-stopping street art to priceless pieces at The Guggenheim, prehistoric relics at The Museum of Natural History and world-famous theatre – New York will blow your culture-loving socks off.

The Sights 

Visit the film-famous Grand Central Station, Art Deco Chrysler Building, lush Central Park and iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Plus – hop on the Circle Line Ferry to see all angles of Manhattan Island

The nightlife 

The City That Never Sleeps’ doesn’t disappoint. Sip cocktails in cool-as-they come rooftop bars, indulge your taste buds in 24hr delis and restaurants and dance til you drop in NYC’s super clubs

Best time to visit, April to June is a great tine to enjoy the good weather without the crowds, looking for the Christmas / Thanksgiving experience, then November and December will work best for you .

Plenty of places to stay to fit any budget, stay in central Manhattan to experience the heart of the action


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