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White Collar Fight Night ….

So I was privileged to be invited to a “white Collar fight night “….

In the name of charity, this was an amazing fundraising event and one to be supported.

Think of City Executives battling in the ring and you will have the right idea…

All in the name of charity, of course,  each fighter either supports their own personal charity or the night is aimed t support a list of charities.

Raising awareness for these individual charities , there are mini auctions throught out the night , amazing food and atmosphere, all with the aim for you to dig deep in your pocket in support of the worthy cause.

Sone of the items on auction were Anthony Joshua boxing gloves, Mohammed Ali memorabilia just to name a few …

Whilst the idea seems fun the fighters have undergome training in the weeks/ months leading up to the night, and with medical support on the night, this is taken seriously.

I was honoured to be invited and even more blessed as the charity was one close to my heart.

Until da next Tyme

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