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Why travel planning is more important than ever

Travel may be difficult, or even off-limits, for now – but that doesn’t mean we can’t make plans for the future. We hope that articles like this one will help you plan your next experience with confidence, whenever that may be.

If you’ve felt yourself hitting the wall recently, you’re not alone. After more than seven months since the first lockdown, and a second one now underway, many of us are running out of steam.

With tougher restrictions and darker evenings arriving, it can often feel like ‘corona fatigue’ is getting the best of us.

Because every day feels the same, it’s more important than ever to have something to look forward to – and that’s where travel planning comes in.

While traveling during coronavirus isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, new ways of traveling found that going places has a positive effect on our emotional wellbeing. With all that holiday allowance gathering dust, we’re looking at a few reasons why travel is more important than ever.

Travel is important for mental health

Traveling during coronavirus may look and feel different, but its effects on mental health are the same. As well as busting stress, it can also help you to reinvent yourself in new ways.  There’s a reason why so many of our favorite biographies involve stories of seeing the world and becoming a better person because of it.

Travel makes us more resilient. Learning to navigate problems in a foreign language can help to build up our patience and toughen us up, both mentally and emotionally. It’s even prepped us for the unprecedented situation that we now find ourselves in. There is a study that found that frequent travelers are actually better at coping with the psychological challenges of the ‘new normal’.


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