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Harry Potter Experience- The Cauldron

Is there anyone in the world, not a Harry Potter Fan ???

Please let yourself be known… don’t worry its not a sin, but there will be a few raised eyebrows in society…I can say iIam not an avid fan, however watching the stories have been entertaining

Saying that if you an avid HP fan, then you must head to The Cauldron for the HP Experience.


It’s like stepping into a time warp, of witches and spells , and the excitement and novelty are awesome, fully kitted with a robe, magic wand, with secret doors leading to little discoveries.


it’s a small space and it’s tightly packed however if you are one for living an experience this is right up your alley, go with friends that will appreciate the novelty of creating spells and magic potions ( cocktails) and you will be in heaven.

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