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My Journey….

My journey is no different from everyone else, however I want to share with you all.

We all try to do the best we can and sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail.

The idea is never give up and keep on trying

Recently my mindset changed as with all the daily struggles we face call “life”, I was feeling bogged down and unhealthy more than any other time previously .

I spoke with a friend and the conversation allowed me to change the narrative and as such changed my mindset.

With so many different diets and fads out there, it’s a challenge o know where to start.

My best advice,  is  to take small steps,  this is a journey not a race.

  1. Cut down on your sugar intake…its not necessary to go cold turkey immediately  as you will still have the taste for sugar, so pace yourself
  2. Cut down on bread and pasta, this will still give you the carbs you need and the energy to slowly reduce the addiction to carbs.
  3. Do cardiovascular exercise for 15-20 mins every other day and have plenty of rest
  4. Drink plenty of water

These are the simple steps that got me started.

I started on July 30th and I weighed myself on August 10th….

I have lost 11.7lbs.

And so my journey begins….


Until da next Tyme

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