Happy Birthday To Me. I M Not Getting Old I M Getting Better, Missy E

That Milestone Age….

Yes, I have reached that age that many don’t seem to embrace, but in which I am welcoming with open arms …

It is, and will remain a milestone for me in my life and what better way to remember it  than to share my thoughts and memories of how I got here

50 years old…sounds like quite a feat, especially as I hear myself say it. Life is interesting, we don’t feel the years pass us by, we feel as young as we did in our 20’s…sometimes act that way and yet….people think we should “act our age” !…. But why I say!!

For all that know me, you can attest that I never act my age, in fact, picture a grown woman with an innate object that travels the world with her … (Bob I love you  😛 )

The saying is,  we are as young as we feel, and some of us feel like a young spring chicken, full of energy as always, enjoying every day for the challenges it brings as well as the moments full of love and happiness.

There are many that have been travelling with me to get to this point some so far back as 20 years are more, others who have recently joined the party in the last few years. #I have learned from each of you

Each of you, as my Family/Friend/Acquaintance has played a role in the journey I have made to get here and you are all important to me so thank you … I have learned, I am still learning  I have lived, I am still living and I am blessed.



Happy Birthday  ME!! …. 

Until da next Tyme

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