Know your stress..


What causes you stress?  Is it your job, a relationship, health, wealth…..?  Or is it a demanding deadline, an overcrowded train, a throwaway comment…..? 

To know your stress, try this:

– Take a piece of paper and divide it into three columns.

– In the first column, list your stressors, for example, presentations.

– In the second column, get specific about exactly why you feel stressed.  So, if you’re giving a presentation, are you stressed about the audience, the use of technology, your performance?

– In the third column, brainstorm the solutions.  Do you need some extra technical training or tips on how to calm your nerves? 

Try this exercise; sometimes it unveils practical solutions and sometimes just knowing your stressors can mean that you don’t react so strongly to them next time


Until da next Tyme 

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